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Professional Basement Finishing in Logan Utah

Basement Finishing - Logan Utah 1Basement finishing is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add valuable living space to your home. Your house will feel bigger, will command a much higher appraisal value, and you will have more room to enjoy spending time with your family. You might actually get rid of all the junk hiding down there, too!

The Basement is a Gathering Place

Though unfinished basements aren’t very appealing, finished basements are popular places for adding additional rooms as bedrooms, a home office, storage rooms, an additional bathroom, a home theater, craft room, man cave, game room, or home gym.

The basement becomes a place for family and friends to hang out. As basement family rooms are generally more casual in nature, they are a great place for kids to play and entertain their friends after school. Because they are often separated from other areas of the house and well insulated, kids can enjoy being a bit more rambunctious without driving everyone else crazy. However, it still affords you the opportunity to know who they’re hanging out with and keep tabs on what they’re doing.

Whatever the occasion and however you plan to use the space, basement finishing is a great investment. Many home buyers, especially those with growing families, are often looking for finished basement living space. Especially if the basement finishing job is well done and the work has been completed up to code, they will often accept an outdated kitchen or bathroom in need of remodeling.

A large family living space or TV area can easily be turned into an epic home theater. You might also consider putting in game tables, arcade machines, a snack bar, a kitchenette or a host of many other cool ideas for entertaining. If your neighborhood regulations allow it, you may even want to consider adding a full apartment with a private entrance, kitchen area, and laundry facility to generate some additional income and offset the cost of your mortgage.

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Popular basement finishing must-haves

  • Additional bedrooms for kids and guests
  • A full bathroom with plenty of vanity and storage space
  • Additional family living space
  • Gas fireplace
  • Custom cabinets and entertainment spaces that accommodate changing technology
  • Built-in shelving for storage and entertainment areas
  • Home office with custom desks and closets for all the tech gadgets
  • Oversized TVs or projection units
  • Surround sound speakers for the ultimate home theater experience
  • Theater quality leather couches and recliners
  • Game and movie library closet
  • Under stairs storage
  • Cold storage rooms
  • In home office space
  • She-shed craft room with loads of partitioned
  • An epic man cave for watching the big game
  • Space for an extra fridge or built in snack bar
  • Plenty of electrical outlets, cabling, and juice to power today’s technology
  • Smart lighting panels or light dimming switches
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Leave the basement finishing to the pros

While basement finishing is a popular DIY project, you can save yourself a lot of headaches down the road by hiring a licensed home remodeling contractor to do the job. Almost every basement remodel will require additional framing. Be very careful when changing the layout in a basement as any framing that does exist may be load-bearing walls. Removing them can compromise the structural integrity of your home and may require inspection and involvement from a structural engineer. You will probably also need a building permit, too.

Most certainly, significant electrical work will need to be done. You’ll need an electrician to wire in light fixtures, switches, and plugs within the spaces of your walls and to make sure your electrical wiring is safe and meets current building codes. You will also need insulation, drywall, doors, and finishing work.

Considerations for Basement Finishing

When it comes to finishing your basement, there are several things that need to be given special consideration. Basement finishing isn’t the same as finishing upstairs living space. For example, in order for a room to be legally used as a sleeping space, it must meet certain requirements for windows, closets, and emergency accessibility.

Heating systems are another issue. Homes that are initially sold with an unfinished basement likely only have heat accessible to the upstairs living areas. This probably is going to mean you will need a heating system for winter and a way to cool it down a bit for the summer. It may also be helpful to remember that the cement floor of a basement gets quite chilly under your feet. You may want to also add in under floor heating coils or enough padding to prevent cold toes.

Special attention also must be paid to plumbing. It isn’t nearly as easy to move plumbing under a concrete floor as it is in upstairs areas. Cement floors can also wick moisture and may also need to be sealed. You should also consider how much potential risk there is for your basement to flood after you have finished it. The last thing you want is mold under your flooring or musty carpet. It may be a wiser choice to seal the concrete and use a more water-resistant flooring such as tile or linoleum instead of carpet.

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