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Luxurious Bathroom Remodeling in Logan Utah

Bathroom Remodeling - Logan Utah 1Whether you are looking to create a grand master bathroom or add more space to your home to create a second bathroom for the kids, bathroom remodeling is a big undertaking…and we’ve got you covered!

Bathrooms are often one of the least glamorous, but most highly used rooms in the home. They are also the rooms that take the most wear and tear and require the most maintenance. By their very nature, bathrooms are highly susceptible to water and mold damage, especially if they are not properly constructed, ventilated, or cared for.

Bathrooms can be both stylish and functional

Your bathroom should be both functional and stylish. It should also be a place where you actually want to be. Few things feel better than a hot bath or shower, especially after a long day of hard work. They’re even more enjoyable when they happen in your own in-home spa retreat.

When looking at a bathroom remodeling project, there are many possibilities. Take some time to think about what you want out of your bathroom renovation project, what might work best for the space you have, and what will best serve your needs for many years to come.

If you’re going to make the investment, it is worth doing right!


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Popular bathroom remodeling inclusions

  • Comfort height vanity with plenty of counter space
  • Shelves or a small closet for storing towels, cleaning supplies, and laundry hampers
  • Ceramic or natural stone tile floors and shower surrounds
  • Subway tile, hexagon tiles, or glass tile accents
  • Walk-in oversized shower with glass doors and side panels
  • Double sink, vanity, and mirrors
  • Brass and gold fixtures are making a vintage comeback
  • Leaving space for smart panels (ie shower controls and self-cleaning toilet settings)
  • Black accents or cabinets
  • Wood accents such as towel hooks and mirror casing
  • Well planned compact storage spaces for organization and neat counter spaces
  • Floating vanity with no visible plumbing or supports
  • Smart Mirrors or Asymmetrical Mirrors
  • Underfloor heating systems
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It’s worth it to hire the bathroom remodeling pros!

Though you can do a DYI bathroom remodel, we don’t recommend it. If they aren’t done right, you can end up with significant damage not just to your new bathroom, but to other areas of your home as well. You can save significant time and money in the long run by hiring a general home remodeling contractor.

Part of their job is to hire and manage professional subcontractors such as the plumber, electrician, stone and tile workers. The pros also make sure that proper permits are pulled, inspections are complete, and that the job get done correctly and that it is completed on time.

You will also get a cleaner end result by hiring experts. It may save you some frustration too. It will all depend on the elements involved with the project, but remember that you may need a few different trained people in trades to help you complete your project to improve your bathroom.

Know your bathroom remodeling needs

Before jumping headfirst into a bathroom remodeling project, it is important to determine your needs and how your space will be used. Are you planning a well-deserved luxury master bathroom remodel or will this be a space primarily used by children and overnight guests?

Do you have a separate laundry space or will you be adding it as part of your renovation? Is this a basement bathroom using existing plumbing stubs, or will you need to 

If you are updating a guest bathroom or a master bathroom to add value to a home or because you are tired of a woefully ugly design, it is an investment worth looking in to. Besides, you do after-all spend more time than you might think using a bathroom in your home.

You will also need to decide whether a traditional door, a frosted glass door, or a pocket door is best for your space. Durability, as well as toilets and sinks that avoid clogs are something else to consider. Most people also prefer an upgraded comfort height toilet to a short one. The general trend is also to have an elongated toilet as well.

The Powder Room

Powder rooms, also known as half baths or guest bathrooms are usually tiny little closet type spaces (typically only around 20 square feet) that only have a toilet, sink and small vanity and mirror. These small bathrooms can be a great home remodeling addition to a main floor living space or basement, especially if there is no other easily accessible bathroom on this level of the home for guests to use.

However, if space allows, you may also choose to include a small walk-in shower to a second bathroom. You may also want to consider adding a laundry room as well. If you choose to change the layout of your bathroom, it is wise to get a licensed plumber involved just to make sure you don’t have water problems down the road.

3/4 Bath

A three-piece bathroom or ¾ bath includes a toilet, sink, and shower. These types of bathrooms are generally second bathrooms that are found in the main hallway or basement. If you are planning a master bathroom renovation, you may want to think very carefully about either adding or removing a bathtub. Tempting as it might be to remove an existing bathtub to make more space, it could potentially decrease the value of your bathroom remodel and home if it isn’t carefully planned.

Full Bathroom

A full bathroom has a bathtub, shower, toilet, and at least one sink. These are generally considered the most versatile and desirable bathrooms, especially if the bathtub isn’t just a small, cheap builder-grade fixture.

Bathroom Fixtures and Trends

The trend for a master bathroom is to include a walk-in shower with glass doors, interior railings, and a built-in bench. A tub that is separate from the shower significantly increases desirability and value to your bathroom remodeling job if you have the space for it.

Most buyers will be looking for tile flooring, updated fixtures, and some sort of storage space for cleaning supplies. If you are looking to update your home or to get it ready to be your home for years to come, you might consider some modern approaches to updating the space.

Keep your design timeless

Home trends frequently change. However, remember that it could be 20 years or more between bathroom renovations, so make sure whatever you chose will stay relevant for many years to come. Remember that walls can be easily painted and accessories and even lighting fixtures can be quickly changed out to freshen up your look, but things like tile, countertops, and cabinetry are much for difficult and expensive to change.

For best results, we recommend keeping the big-ticket items neutral and using the most durable, best quality building materials you can afford. Trendy items may look great in a showroom, but they will likely be out of date in a year or two. Keep the wall color and accessories fun and stylish, but keep your flooring, fixtures, and cabinets classic, timeless, and in a style you can live with for a very long time.

Bathroom renovations offer a great return on investment

According to Zillow, bathroom renovations offer the biggest return in terms of boosting your home’s value. Even small bathroom renovations and updates can increase your home value $1.71 for every $1 you spend.  This can be much higher if you add things such as a double vanity, upgraded fixtures, a bathtub that is large enough and deep enough for an adult to use, and timeless, neutral design.

Hey, did you know we also do kitchen remodels and deck building? If you can dream it, we can build it.

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